Dayton Community

Action Network


Founded: 2015


Area of expertise: 

Saving Our World

Dear Community Activists

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The Dayton Community Action Network is a grassroots initiative to push forward progressive initiatives in concrete and tangible ways.  

Our member organizations are hard at work saving the world. When they need a larger community to further the goals of their most important initiatives, they bring them to the Dayton Community Action Network.

Through our Conferences, Events, and Speaker Series, we provide the tools necessary to empower members to affect change in our communities. We help them develop strategies to:

     - Tell the World Who They Are

     - Clearly Streamline and Articulate Their Goals

     - Determine What Specific and Concrete Actions They Need (Call to Action) to achieve these Goals

We help develop this action plan and facilitate crucial partnerships.

See a Problem, but don't know what to do? Contact us.

We are about action; Not about words. 

We are a diverse organization with diverse views and beliefs.  We do not debate the degrees of right or wrong. The world is complex and faces a myriad of challenges. We might disagree on what the most important issue facing our generation is. Therefore our individual priorities may differ.  However this does not stop our individual members from sharing knowledge and strategies with one another on effective ways to build grassroots community engagement.

Thank you for your dedication and service.  We look forward to changing the world with you.


     Arlinda Vaughn